Home Appliances – An Overview

Home appliances products assist in the household activities and make them easier to do. Activities like cooking, washing, heating are practically impossible without these appliances. Absence of these products will take us back to the Dark Age. Basically home appliances can be of 2 types : – home appliances koramangala

* Small Appliances

* Major Appliances

Small appliances are the one which are  portable like table tops, counter tops. They occupy very less space and are not expensive. They can be placed anywhere in the house when not in use. Some of the examples are bread toasters, juice makers, coffee makers, vacuum cleaner, cookers, mixers, iron box, shavers, personal equipments and more.

Major or big appliances are the one which cannot be often moved and are fixed at one particular place. These are large in size and consume definite amount of electricity when used. They can do some hectic jobs of washing the clothes, storing products in a cool place etc. Some of the examples for major appliances are drier, microwave oven, refrigerator, dish washer, washing machine.